Thursday, February 12, 2009

StarFoam Pad from SMI

Starch Medical Inc. have released new footage of their StarFoam plant based hemostatic pad.

SMI came to market with a second generation of plant-based hemostatic solutions which contain no animal or human components in Q4 '08. Their first product, PerClot which has similarities to Medafor's manufactured Arista A.K.A. Hemostase MPH (Cryolife) and Vitasure (Orthovita), is currently sold in European and OUS Markets. The Starfoam product is a wafer-like pad which may be trimmed to suit the surgical procedure. StarFoam utilizes the same AMP technologies as all SMI products and is indicated for a wide range of applications, including but not limited to sternal edge bleeding and unique wound contours. CE mark for StarFoam was awarded in December, 2008.

Company President Mr David Lang comments "I encourage your cost-free evaluation of our innovative hemostatic and woundcare systems. A simple request at will fulfill your product delivery and assure the presence of a Starch Medical representative."