Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Z-Medica QuikClot Interventional Hemostatic Bandages Now Available for Use During Catheterization Procedures

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Z-Medica Corporation, a medical device company developing innovative hemostatic agents, today announced the availability of the QuikClot® Interventional™ hemostatic bandage, on display at booth #1338 at the 21st annual Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) scientific symposium, sponsored by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation. One of the primary applications for the new QuikClot® Interventional™ hemostatic bandage is to control arterial and venous bleeding following cardiac catheterization or other vascular access procedures that traditionally have required considerable manual compression time or clamping which can be painful for the patient.
QuikClot® Interventional™ is a non-invasive, easy to use hemostatic bandage indicated for use in the local management and control of external bleeding from vascular access sites and percutaneous catheters or tubes utilizing sheaths of up to 12 Fr. It is safe to use and proven effective for use on femoral and other arterial and venous bleeds. It contains an inert and inorganic mineral that has no known contraindications and accelerates the body’s natural hemostatic process. For ease of use, the product does not require any advance preparation and is double-packaged in a blister package and a foil pouch for aseptic technique. It includes a 3M® Tegaderm® adhesive bandage for easy application.
QuikClot® Interventional™ is applied in three simple steps and requires no special training. The health care professional removes the hemostatic pad from the packaging and places it into the sterile field using sterile technique. The hemostatic pad is then placed on the puncture site and manual pressure is applied for at least five minutes or until bleeding stops. Finally, without moving or lifting the pad, the 3M® Tegaderm® adhesive bandage is applied over the pad and secured to the skin, while manual compression is maintained. The QuikClot® hemostatic pad may be left in place for up to 24 hours and can be removed by gently peeling away the Tegaderm® bandage and removing the pad. QuikClot® Interventional™ is currently being used in several interventional cardiology and radiology laboratories across the U.S. Recently, Z-Medica Corporation has gathered over 300 documented reports of human use of this product with an overall success rate of 98.2%, meaning that this novel device was able to achieve hemostasis in virtually all cases following arterial and venous catheterization.