Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Global Blood Resources LLC

.....The UConn Health Center in Farmington began using the Hemobag more than a year ago.One of the first institutions to use the device was Salem Hospital in Salem, Ore."We've used over 800 Hemobags," said Scott Beckmann, one of the hospital's perfusionists. "We're using less blood bank products. That's been a cost savings for the hospital."Before Salem Hospital began using the device, "We used cell washers that would wash away significant and beneficial blood elements and would only give back red blood cells — red blood cells are important, but that's not all there is to it," Beckmann said. "Ethically, we would look at this waste bag full of viable elements — proteins, platelets that help plug that hole in the artery — and it was being thrown out."When the Hemobag was finally made available, we sat down with the surgeons and said, 'This looks like a helpful device.' We said 'Let's try it for two weeks,' and before the two weeks were up, we decided to use it during every surgery." more HERE

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