Thursday, November 13, 2008


Established in 1995 and traded on the TSX Venture since 2004, BioSyntech has created and developed innovative biotherapeutic thermogels for regenerative medicine (tissue repair) and therapeutic delivery, which appeal to large unsatisfied markets.
BST-DermOn™ is a topical therapy, which conforms well to the wound and may help stimulate the natural healing process. It may maintain the wound’s moist environment while allowing gas exchange. The wound healing, as well as inherent hemostatic and bacterio-static properties of the chitosan component of BST-DermOn™ has well-documented in the scientific literature. Our animal studies have shown that it stimulates and supports the intrinsic healing process of slow or non-healing wounds.
Claude LeDuc President and CEO BioSyntech Inc. said "As part of the implementation of the streamlined business plan we will concentrate and focus our efforts and resources on advancing BST-CarGel® through the clinic. While we continue to believe strongly in the market opportunity of our other programs, given the current limited financial resources at BioSyntech, enrollment for the BST-DermOnTM clinical trial and development work on BST-InPodTM has been suspended at this time."

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