Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The Danish medical device company Vivostat A/S (formerly known as Vivolution) announced the formation of a new management team to support the aggresive growth plans for the company’s Vivostat product lines.
During the last year the Alleroed-based company has completed a range of cross-organisational projects in order to prepare the company for the future. The outsourcing of the disposable production to a low-cost country, the re-branding of the Vivostat product lines and the establishment of direct sales organisations in major European markets, just to mention a few of the projects.
“The formation of the new management team is an important step in the process of preparing our company for the exciting challenges that lie ahead”, explains Tom Bjerg Laurizen, CEO at Vivostat.
Tom Bjerg Lauritzen continues: “During the last five years Vivostat has expanded from being a R&D focussed company into a significant commercial player in the surgical sealant and wound care markets. The establishment of the new management team reflects this change and lays a strong foundation for the company’s aggressive growth plans in the future”.
Together the new management team represents many years of medical device experience within sales, marketing and regulatory/medical affairs. Besides Tom Bjerg Lauritzen, the group consists of Anne KlitgƄrd, VP of Regulatory and Medical Affairs, Henrik Vester-Andersen, VP of Sales, and Martin Poulsen, VP of Marketing.
Vivostat is already a well-established player in the European surgical sealant and wound care markets with sales of its products in 19 countries. To continue the expansion the company recently initiated the US approval process for the newest member of the Vivostat product family, Vivostat PRF - a second generation growth factor product used for the treatment of chronic wounds.
Chronic wounds are a serious problem for many diabetic patients and there is currently very little success with conventional treatment methods.
The Vivostat® System is an automated system for the on-site preparation and application of patient-derived fibrin sealant or platelet rich fibrin (PRF®). It incorporates a unique and patented biochemical process that produces an autologous sealant from 120 ml of the patient’s own blood in only 23 minutes. The sealant has biophysical properties that outperform most sealants on the market today and a delivery system that enables unparalleled control in the application during surgery.The system comprises three components: A Processor Unit for the preparation of fibrin sealant or PRF®, an Applicator Unit to control the delivery of fibrin sealant/PRF® and a disposable kit comprising all components required to collect blood and apply the sealant to the surgical site.

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