Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hemostat Forum - A place to share knowledge and ask questions.

Next Month will represent the 1 year anniversary of the Hemostat Blog, feedback and response has been extremely positive. I am heartened that contacts worldwide have been supportive and materials discussed have been of assistance.

I do have one request of you the regular reader and that is consideration to assist the forum . This is a method to communicate as a Surgeon, Clinician, Manufacturer or Supplier.

As the information I deliver is free (and I will always accept contributions that fit the nature and topic of my blog) I ask you the reader to assist. In the first instance please register (you may use any email acct., all details are held confidentially) secondly try making a post. The important fact is to post questions, thoughts or to link with others with an interest in the field.
Thankyou for your consideration


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