Thursday, July 16, 2009

ADVTX Announces New Treatment for Bleeding After Nuclear Exposure

Fibrinoplate-S a viable alternative to platelet transfusion for survivors of near-lethal doses of radiation

ANAHEIM, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Advanced Therapeutics & Co. (ADVTX) announced today that Fibrinoplate-S™ has shown efficacy in reducing the bleeding in animals exposed to extreme doses of radiation. Survivors of a nuclear event or a dirty bomb explosion will have similar damage from the ionizing radiation of such bombs.

“Acute radiation can severely damage the bone marrow,” Richard Yen, Ph.D., M.D., CEO of ADVTX explained. “While existing medications can boost the production of red cells and white cells from the recovering bone marrow, there is no effective treatment for low concentrations of platelets except through platelet transfusion. Donor platelets, however, may not be available or adequately screened for pathogens during times of distress.”

Viable Alternative to Platelet Transfusion

ADVTX Fibrinoplate-S, a suspension formulation of human albumin spheres coated with a coagulation factor (fibrinogen), mimics the action of activated platelets. Random clots have not been observed even as bleeding improves after the administration of Fibrinoplate-S.

In preclinical trials, Fibrinoplate-S reduced bleeding within 2 hours after a bolus intravenous administration in test subjects with less than 1% of the normal platelet count. The beneficial effects last at least 24 hours. There is no need to match the recipients’ blood types. Fibrinoplate-S can be given to a large number of patients quickly.


ADVTX can scale up its production of Fibrinoplate-S quickly. Government agencies may include Fibrinoplate-S in their emergency response plans by submitting a “pre-EUA” (pre-Emergency Use Approval) to the US FDA. Licensing outside the United States is available. Visit

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