Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Development of a new class of hemostat that may replace thrombin

Haemostatix Ltd has completed preliminary pre-clinical studies demonstrating that its new class of topical hemostat, PeproStatTM, is effective, with the potential to replace thrombin. PeproStat is based on albumin coated with a short peptide that effectively polymerises fibrinogen into a fibrin-like clot. This novel mode of action, based on peptide:protein recognition, is faster than the enzyme thrombin, leading to faster clot formation and less ‘wash-off’ from the wound. Unlike thrombin, it is not affected by anti-coagulants. The composition of the new active ingredient offers the prospect of stable, ready-to-use, formulations in a market dominated by products that require preparation prior to use, a key issue for surgeons. Additional advantages include an improved safety profile and low manufacturing costs. Haemostatix’s CEO, Dr Nichols, commented “the multiple benefits of this radically new approach to hemostasis creates tremendous opportunities for new product development for both surgical and trauma markets”

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