Friday, February 12, 2010

JnJ 2009 Earnings Call January 2010

We received FDA approval in October for the SURGIFLO Hemostatic Matrix chip, an advanced flowable hemostat for use in a broad range of surgical procedures. This is our first product launch resulting from Ethicon’s 2008 acquisition of Omrix. The regulatory knowledge gained from this combination product will be valuable as we continue to develop and commercialize other combination products in our pipeline like the Fibrin Pad, which I will address in a minute.......
As I mentioned earlier, Johnson & Johnson leads the industry in developing next-generation advanced hemostats to address the persistent clinical problems associated with bleeding in surgical settings, and we are very excited by the potential of the Fibrin Pad. With our human-plasma based biologics embedded directly into a proprietary matrix, the Fibrin Pad has the potential to uniquely and effectively address bleeding challenges that are hardly unmet by traditional hemostats. As Louise mentioned earlier, the BLI filing for the Fibrin Pad is now expected in the first half of this year.
And obviously, the best thing is to take the $7 billion we are investing and be able to generate products like Simponi or Stelara or Sedasys or the Fibrin Pad. Like, if we see other opportunities to license or to partner, partner may be an even more strategic investment than just a license. But, we will continue to take advantage of each of those in the areas where we see again the biggest opportunities for growth in the corporation.

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