Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baxter International Inc. Q1 2010

Sales in the regenerative medicine business which includes our bio surgery products totaled $119 million and increased 20%. Sales excluding foreign currency grew 14% and continue to reflect robust growth of Floseal, Coseal and Tisseel....... we expect the regenerative medicine to have sales growth exceeding 25% reflecting the ApaTech acquisition and continued double digit growth in the base business.........

Besides the existing growth vehicles of hemophilia and bio surgery and the various product categories of medication delivery like [hemostasia] and nutritionals, if you just look at kind of near-term new product launches in the various businesses, not to get off of IVIG. Let’s start with that. We have a 30 gram IVIG product we hope to get approved this year and hopefully launch in the U.S. by the end of this year. We have a 10% sub-q product without Enhance, without the Hylenex technology that we will be submitting shortly and hope to have on the market in 2011. Then of course HYQ which incorporates the Hylenex technology we are very excited about. Then new indications like MMN and the whole Alzheimer’s thing which we don’t need to get into.

So even within the antibody therapy area we have a very nice lineup of near-term and longer term things that can really I think change the game. The rest of bio science of course we just got approval for TachoSil in our bio surgery business which we will be launching. We continue to make good progress with our seasonal influenza vaccine targeting EU approval this year and hopefully approval and launch in the U.S. before too long.

I guess where we are completing a trial right now for a broader hemostasis claim which could be very helpful for the growth of that product. I mentioned in renal but Enterprise which is the next generation PD cycler we will be launching hopefully by sometime in early 2011. Our hemo next generation infusion pump platform. Then in the short-term a number of market expansion opportunities with existing products. ADVATE launches in big markets this year like Brazil and then next year Russia. Following year China. Supreme launch in Japan. I will stop there. I am getting pretty granular. We have a fairly nice array and continuous array in all of our businesses of new product launches both near-term and obviously some bigger things longer term. In addition to the existing growth platforms whether it is hemophilia or recombinant and bio surgery and so on. I covered a lot.

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