Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Orthovita Q1 2010 - Edited

Our biosurgery sales increased 12% during the first quarter of 2010, compared to the first quarter of 2009. Biosurgery offers an important strategic entry to hospitals where our Hemostats product have many application and new sales representatives benefit particularly from this product line as they seek to gain access to new accounts......

Graham Tenneco

What is the direction or do you think drift going to be or trends based on the Obama's healthcare plan and what might meaningful procedures and where an ASP basically?

Tony Koblish

We can't know all of that what's going to happen. However, I think the concept of evidence-based medicine and clinical data and clinical value proposition to the patients; I believe is going to be more and more important as we go forward. I think that we are exceptionally well positioned across all of our product platforms for that day, not just with Cortoss, which happens to have superb therapeutic benefit, value proposition to the patient, subsequent fracture benefit to the patient also reduced healthcare expenditure and re-hospitalization as shown in our clinical data, but we have an excellent proposition around the Vitoss business relative to more expensive therapies in bone grafting and our Vitagel business is also plays to demonstrate some effected clinical data around knee replacements etcetera. So, I think we are very well positioned in terms of comparative effectiveness, clinical data value proposition that one trend that’s not going to go away and I think that’s going to just be the price to play going forward. We are not going to get there all at once, but it’s going to happen and so I think cost effective, clinical value proposition we are very well situated for that eventuality, which is I think going to be the major fallout long-term.

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