Friday, May 7, 2010

vCJD Families Protest outside Downing Street, London

The government has recorded 168 deaths due to variant CJD - caught from infected bovine material - but this figure is contested as being inaccurate by the families of victims because many of the families who have lost a loved one to this devastating brain disease say that they were never recorded in the official statistics.

Victims are also recorded as 'sporadic CJD', which was the original and very rare form of CJD that can occur in anybody and is not related to infected cattle.

Some cases, even in people in their teens and twenties, are put down to 'early onset alzheimer's disease'. Those left to nurse their husband's, son's, daughter's and wives through the terminal illness say that this is part of a cover up to protect pharmaceutical industries, who use bovine products widely in medicines and vaccines.

Unsafe Blood Donations

Eighteen UK blood donors later died of vCJD and their blood was used to make vaccines and medicines such as factor 8 which is given to haemophiliacs. Some haemophiliacs have since died of vCJD after being given infected blood. Despite this, the government refuse to screen donated blood. An effective test is available but they will not use it. Why not? Christine Lord, Grahame Bell and other members of the protest think it's maybe because screening people's blood would reveal the true magitude of the problem, which would be a disaster of epic proportions for government, the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

UK blood bags have warning labels on them due to being possibly contaminated with vCJD and they are not allowed for donation in any other country in the world apart from the UK.

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