Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Animal Products

Following on from the Bleeding Calf Syndrome posting available HERE and other postings available Here regarding risks of animal sourced products.
I have provided further info above provided by DEFRA. To the best of my knowledge only the UK and Scotland are acting to investigate?

I expect manufacturers will focus efforts on recombinant, plant-based technologies.
While our industry battles achieving financial success in the market with the ideal of creating an agent that is:

  • of minimized risk
  • efficaious
  • cost effective,
  • easily deliverable
  • and applicable to multiple surgeries
The removal of King Pharmaceuticals crown as leader in the multi- $million Thrombin market by Zymogenetics is
a sure indicator as to market preference and acceptance of these benefits. J&J have a human sourced Thrombin following theirpurchase of Omrix.
Certainly reconstituted animal based technologies are facing severe threats currently as the link between zoonotic diseases (animal/human transfer) become more widely known. While BNP (Bleeding Calf Syndrome) transmission is far from clear it should be of concern. The lack of reporting and individual Government action highlight the inadequacies of public protection even with a cursory investigation.
While Bleeding Calf Syndrome may not pose infection risks via medical devices it exemplifies the public vulnerabilities to weak protection measures from their Governments. This is weak response and is exactly the response delivered that saw vCJD, and Prion borne infections escalate. Harvesting Bovine Materials HERE

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