Friday, September 17, 2010

Interventional Therapies receives CE mark on Quick-Close® II

(I-Newswire) September 17, 2010 - WESTPORT, CT: Interventional Therapies announced today that it received CE mark for its advanced second generation Quick-Close II.

The Quick-Close® II is the second generation of the FDA approved and CE marked Quick-Close® vascular closure device. It features ergonomic enhancements, increased ease of use, reduced learning curve and increased adoption rates. 
Quick-Close® is approved for use in femoral arteriotomy closure in both diagnostic and interventional endovascular procedures using 5F to 8F sheaths. Quick-Close®, by design, allows for simple, verifiable, and consistently safe vascular closure with the additional safety of a monfiloment suture closure. The device allows the user to have a safety check at each step, ensuring proper percutaneous placement and function. Quick-Close® requires less deployment steps and user dexterity than existing devices. 
Quick-Close® has proven to significantly reduce time-to-hemostasis and time-to-ambulation. In the Quick-Close® pivotal trial involving 367 patients, median time-to-hemostasis was one minute. 
“We are pleased with the continued progress of the vascular closure product line,” said Bob Knarr, President and CEO of Interventional Therapies. “The second generation VCD forms the foundation for the Quick-Close® Multi-Close™ device, uniquely designed for percutaneous large bore closures of arteriotomies up to 24F.” 

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