Sunday, September 12, 2010

Powder Hemostatic Medical Devices Segment

To date there are many types of Hemostatic Medical Devices on the market, there are also a plethora of formats utilized e.g. gauze, liquid, pastes and powders. Today I will introduce a list of powders, and while not comprehensive it is indicative of current technologies available to the surgeon. Initially Oxi Cell, Gelatin and Avitene powders were the main products. However now Chitin, and Starch/polysacharides have increased in visibility originally, and now with a very large program of out-licensing of the same technologies under different names. Powders face application and procedural technique issues, as do all formats. Over the following weeks I would like to explore needs, demands and evaluate these systems. Repetitive technology re-branding is also something I hope Blog followers will offer further thoughts on, another item to be considered is sourcing, manufacturing source such as China and due diligence of some of these companies. If you wish to contribute experience or thoughts please feel free to contact me at We will also explore geographic factors, manufacturing,. distribution and due diligence

Pro Fibrix - Fibrocaps thrombin fibrinogen
 A dry powder based on a mixture of fibrinogen and thrombin, Fibrocaps is a ready-to-use preparation designed to be stable at room temperature and applied in different formats. This is a product and company that shows innovation! Pro Fibrix feel free to contact

HemostasisLLC - Starch

BioCer Entwicklungs-GmbH is a Bayreuth, Germany based company which commercializes innovative technologies developed in conjunction with leading German Research Institutes and Universities.
Biocer have the most powerful of the plant based Starch products with HaemoCer Plus which was commercialized in Q3 2013. The video shows HaemoCer Pl;us compared to the other powdered polysaccharides with double speed and double absorbency. 
Starch Medical - PerClot Starch (AKA OrthoClot)
Absorbable Modified Polymer (AMP™) Chinese technology is a proprietary engineering process that modifies plant starch into ultra-hydrophilic, adhesive forming hemostatic polymers. AMP™ materials are biocompatible, absorbable polysaccharides containing no animal or human components. 

ClotPlus - OrthoClot Starch (AKA PerClot)
OrthoClot™ China made Polysaccharide Haemostatic System Administrator (PHS) is a natural plant-based haemostatic system composed of Absorbable Modified Polymer (AMP™). OrthoClot™ is intended as an absorbable haemostatic system

Medafor - Arista Starch (Outlicensed as Hemostase and Vitasure)
Arista™AH is an absorbable hemostat, based on Medafor's patented MPH® (Microporous Polysaccharide Hemospheres) Technology that is used in the control of profuse bleeding in general surgery when conventional procedures are ineffective or impractical.
CryoLife - Hemostase starch (AKA Arista and Vitasure) 
HemoStase is a plant-based powder that rapidly dehydrates blood and promotes clotting on contact.

Orthovita - Vitasure Starch (AKA Arista, Hemostase)
Vitasure Absorbable Hemostat is comprised of many powerful polysaccharide spheres packaged within a bellows applicator.

Celox - Chitin
Celox™ is made with chitosan, a natural polysaccharide. Chitosan has a known metabolic pathway. That means any left in the body is broken down by the bodies normal enzymes and converted into materials normally present in the body.
Hemcon (Alltracel) - Oxi Cell

Davol - Avitene
Ethicon - Gelatin Powder

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