Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Z-Medica Signs Distribution Agreement With Biomedica

Z-Medica Corporation, a medical device company developing innovative hemostatic agents, today announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Biomedica, a leading Central European medical device distributor, for the hospital and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) markets in Austria, Hungary and Switzerland. Biomedica has strong relationships in the fields of cardiology, cardiac surgery, orthopedics and trauma and general surgery, among other specialties.
QuikClot® products received CE Mark from the European Union in November 2009 and the company has been negotiating distribution agreements with a series of best-of-breed medical device distributors such as Biomedica in European markets since then.
“We are very pleased that we have signed this distribution agreement with Biomedica because of their strong relationships, local sales presence and customer support in Austria, Hungary and Switzerland,” said Brian Herrman, Chief Executive Officer, Z-Medica. “Their focus on cardiology, orthopedics and trauma will be key to getting QuikClot into the hands of surgical practitioners and first responders for the first time in this region, so that they and their patients can benefit from QuikClot’s ability to achieve hemostasis safely and rapidly.”
QuikClot is a surgical gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inert mineral with no known contraindications, and can achieve hemostasis in severe bleeding situations in as little as three minutes. QuikClot is widely used throughout several clinical specialties, including cardiology, interventional radiology, critical care, dermatology, emergency medicine, orthopedics and OB/Gyn, and after months of testing against 12 other hemostatic products in the marketplace, the military version of the kaolin gauze (“Combat Gauze”) was chosen as the exclusive product for use by all US Military Forces in 2008. It continues to be the exclusive product used by all USA military forces for first line treatment of bleeding hemorrhage.
“We are very pleased to add QuikClot to our product portfolio,” said Dr. Stefan Marenzi, Managing Director of Biomedica. “We believe that the product will be well-received by our clients across several different specialties.”

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