Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ceremed's AOC® Awarded Best New Technology in Biomaterials for Spine Care in 2010

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Ceremed's patented implantable polymer material known as AOC® won Orthopedics This Week's annual award for Best New Technology for Spine Care in 2010 in the Biomaterials category. AOC® was selected winner by a panel of neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons and veteran clinical buyers, based on the technology's originality, clinical relevance, and the likelihood that it will improve current standards of care.
"I am proud of AOC®'s success," said Ceremed's chairman, Tadeusz Wellisz, M.D. "AOC® is a versatile technology that has been well received by physicians and scientists. This award serves as continued validation for AOC® as Ceremed strives to develop more products that aid the surgeon and improve the patient's quality of care."

About AOC®:

AOC® is Ceremed's proprietary implantable polymer material. It is composed of a blend of Alkylene Oxide Copolymers that are commonly used in the medical field. This unique blend is an ideal carrier because it dissolves without swelling and is eliminated from the body within 48 hours. Unlike most resorbable polymers, AOC® does not require metabolic or inflammatory processes to break down.  AOC® is synthetic and can be formulated in a range of consistencies with a unique combination of properties, including anhydrous formulations, making it an ideal carrier for compounds that are not stable in aqueous solutions. The material is proving to be a versatile, soluble carrier that delivers a broad range of therapeutics to the surgical site without compromising the healing process.
AOC® is already used in spinal fusion products, as a soluble coating system for orthopedic and neurosurgical implants, and for bone hemostasis. Ceremed is able to custom-manufacture compounds using any OEM proprietary material in combination with the AOC® biomaterial.
About Ceremed:

Ceremed, Inc. is a privately held medical device corporation founded in Los Angeles, California in 2002.  Ceremed's mission is to utilize its proprietary implantable polymer formulations to enhance the "Standard of Care" by replacing aging and possibly harmful materials with safe and effective materials and devices that provide for better patient outcomes by improving healing and reducing post-surgical complications.  The company manufactures a variety of surgical implantable devices marketed both directly and through partnership licensing and manufacturing arrangements. Ceremed's signature product is the highly successful Ostene® Bone Hemostasis material (

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