Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Mysterious Case of Kevin Xu - “businessman” Kevin Xu’s efforts to sell counterfeit pharmaceuticals including Plavix

Dan Rather and Pfizer expose a counterfeit drug dealer; IBM touts its technology in an anti-counterfeiting commercial.
Traditionally, fall ushers in a new season of television sitcoms and dramas. The ongoing drama of counterfeit drugs was again exposed in “Dan Rather Reports, The Mysterious Case of Kevin Xu,” an investigation into Chinese “businessman” Kevin Xu’s efforts to sell counterfeit pharmaceuticals including Plavix. shows HDNet’s independent news organization’s video of the report, which credits Pfizer with exposing Xu.
A 34-page transcript of Rather’s 9/14/2010 report (Episode 528) is also available at HDNet. In it, John Clark, Pfizer’s global head of security, reports that China is often a source of counterfeit drugs and packaging.

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