Friday, January 28, 2011

Baxter Q4 Edited

In our Regenerative Medicine business, we completed a Phase III study evaluating TISSEEL Fibrin Sealant as a hemostatic agent in vascular surgery, and filed for regulatory approval of our TISSEEL Fibrin Sealant for use in facial surgery in the U.S.....
And as you know, there were a number of factors negatively affecting sales in the quarter, which collectively totaled $80 million, or two percentage points of growth. These items include the impact of healthcare reform, the U.K. recombinant Factor VIII tender loss and a difficult comparison in vaccines related to pandemic revenues reported in the fourth quarter of 2009.
For the full year, sales increased 4% to $13.1 billion. And excluding foreign currency, sales growth was 3%, in line with our guidance. In terms of the individual businesses and beginning with BioScience, in the fourth quarter, global BioScience sales of $1.5 billion increased 1%. Excluding foreign currency, BioScience sales increased 4%, reflecting accelerated growth versus the prior three quarters.
As previously mentioned, BioScience sales were adversely impacted by five percentage points due to the impact of healthcare reform, the U.K. tender loss and the difficult vaccine comparison. Excluding these items, BioScience sales advanced 9% on a constant-currency basis. For the full year, global BioScience sales exceeded $5.6 billion and increased 1% on both a reported basis and after adjusting for foreign currency.
Within the product categories, recombinant sales of $534 million declined 5% as expected. Excluding foreign currency, sales declined 3%, primarily due to the U.K. tender and a reduction of inventory levels in the U.S. channel.....

Matthew Miksic - Piper Jaffray Companies
And then finally, this TISSEEL product that you mentioned for hemostasis, anything you can tell us about -- just the size of that opportunity, what that could mean, whether it comes this year or late this year would be helpful?

Robert Parkinson
We have quantified that and communicated, I know we've quantified and communicated that.

Mary Ladone
We have. But we have several indications that are already approving. Clearly, the competition in this area, Matt, has the broad hemostasis indication. So we are a little bit put at a compromised position. So it would help in terms of share gains to have this particular indication.

Robert Hombach
And TISSEEL is a meaningfully sized product for us. So returning to growth with this new indication would be helpful.

Matthew Miksic - Piper Jaffray Companies
So it's incremental, not a game changer necessarily?

Mary Ladone

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