Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stryker Q2 2011

In addition, the company's biosurgery business manufactures hemostasis product such as the Vitagel, which are designed to control interoperative and postoperative bleeding. We believe the collective talent of our sizable sales forces across multiple franchises positions us to build on Orthovita's success and accelerate sales growth....Matthew O'Brien - William Blair & Company L.L.C.
Okay. And then the second question on the biologic side with the Orthovita acquisition. Can you just talk a little bit about where your utilization was with your biologic portfolio before the Orthovita deal in terms of all the spine cases, spinal fusion cases you were involved with? And then where you think that may go over the next 6 months or a couple of years even with that broad portfolio available to you now?
Katherine Owen
I would view that the acquisition is very similar in that if we're going to leverage the product offering that we got with the Orthovita deal through our much broader distribution channels in both inpatient and outpatient and across multiple divisions, Instruments, Spine, as was mentioned earlier. I wouldn't view this as leveraging the revenue that we were generating within our biotech specifically. This is where we're rounding out our product portfolio where there was a gap and, again, focusing on our core and leveraging the distribution capability that we have.

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