Friday, November 18, 2011

BAX Q3 2011

In terms of individual business performance and beginning with BioScience, global BioScience sales of $1.5 billion increased 9% in the third quarter. Excluding foreign currency, BioScience sales increased 4%. Within the product categories, recombinant sales of $552 million grew 5%. Excluding foreign currency, sales declined 1% as growth of 4% in the U.S. was offset by the expected impact from recent tenders and somewhat slower demand across Europe, given strong performance in the previous quarter. On a year-to-date basis, excluding the impact of tenders we discussed, global recombinant sales growth, excluding currency, is in mid single digits consistent with global market demand.
Moving on to Plasma Proteins. Sales in the quarter were $372 million and advanced 8%. Excluding the impact of foreign currency, sales grew 4%. Growth across the various Plasma Proteins was significantly offset by lower albumin sales as a result of temporary supply constraints and delays in the clearance of shipments in China as a result of new testing guidelines that were implemented there late last year. Combined, these 2 items impacted sales in the quarter by approximately $20 million.
Sales in the U.S. improved sequentially across multiple products in the portfolio, including FEIBA, PD Factor VIII and ARALAST, but were down 8% year-over-year driven primarily by the supply constraints of albumin, whereas, international sales climbed 10% driven by strong demand for FEIBA and PD Factor VIII despite certain tender delays in Eastern Europe.
In Antibody Therapy, sales of $380 million increased 13%. Excluding foreign currency, sales were up 11%, driven by a robust demand for GAMMAGARD LIQUID and the launch of SubQ. Growth in this category of 11% also reflects some ongoing benefits related to Octapharma of at least $20 million in the third quarter.
Sales in regenerative medicine, which includes our BioSurgery products, totaled $143 million and increased 10%. Excluding foreign currency, sales increased 5% driven by high single-digit growth of Fibrin Sealants. This performance was offset by lower ACTIFUSE revenues triggered by the temporary disruption in the U.S. channel resulting from the planned transition to a direct sales model from ApaTech's former distributor model that we mentioned last quarter....

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