Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vascular Solutions Q3 2011

Net sales of hemostat products (primarily consisting of the D-Stat Dry, D-Stat Flowable and D-Stat Radial products) were $5.7 million in the third quarter, a decrease of 6% from the third quarter of 2010 and a decrease of 4% from the second quarter of 2011. "The hemostatic patch market has become even more price competitive. At the very end of the second quarter we launched our new Silver versions of the D-Stat Dry and Thrombix(R) products, which add an antimicrobial ingredient to the patches while leaving our pricing unchanged. We continue to expect these Silver versions to allow us to at least maintain our market-leading position in the hemostat patch market into 2012," Mr. Root said.
As previously disclosed, King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. notified Vascular Solutions on July 6, 2011, that it was electing to not proceed further with efforts to obtain a surgical use indication from the FDA for the company's Thrombi-Gel products and to not complete development of the company's Thrombi-Paste products. As a result, Vascular Solutions recognized an additional $2.6 million of license revenue during the third quarter of 2011 as the remaining deferred license revenue originally allocated to the Thrombi-Paste products and the surgical use indication of the Thrombi-Gel products as part of the agreements entered into with King in 2007. Starting in the fourth quarter of 2011, amortization of deferred revenue is expected to be $87,000 per quarter.

Hemostat Products: It appears that revenues will continue to be flat or declining in Vascular Solution’s hemostat product lines. Management cited competitive pricing pressure for Vascular Solution’s D-Stat Dry product. However, the company could see upside if Marine Polymer’s injunction against competitor HemCon is enforced. Marine Polymer was awarded an injunction in September but Hemcon was subsequently given a stay. The injunction would prevent HemCon from selling such products as the HemCon Bandage and the Chitoflex and Dental Dressings. Vascular Solutions management did say that launches of Silver versions of the D-Stat Dry and Thrombix products, which include a new antimicrobial ingredient, would enable the company to maintain hemostat market share.

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