Thursday, May 31, 2012

HaemoCer Instrumentation Advances Plant-sourced Hemostat Applications into Minimally Invasive Surgeries

BAYREUTH, Germany, May 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --BioCer Entwicklungs GmbH (BCE), a German based medical device manufacturer, announces the CE approval of its advanced HaemoCer™ Universal Applicator (UA). HaemoCer™ UA is a delivery configuration for applications of the HaemoCer™ Absorbable Polysaccharide Hemostat (APH) system in minimally invasive surgical procedures.
The HaemoCer™ UA system is a unique instrumentation for laparoscopic, ENT, spinal and other MIS procedures where precise delivery of APH particles to the bleeding site is mandatory. The delivery instrument is easily attached to the HaemoCer™ bellows dispenser and enables hemostat delivery under direct vision to the wound site for the control of capillary, venous and arteriolar bleeding. The initial HaemoCer™ 5 gram product range has also expanded to include multiple size configurations meeting the strong international market demand for HaemoCer™ in multidisciplinary procedures.
Dr. Markus Heinlein, Managing Director of BioCer, commented, "The clinical introduction of HaemoCer™ UA offers surgeons a delivery option within the expanding practice of minimally invasive surgery. Collaborating with leading laparoscopic surgeons and German engineers, our system has been designed for the controlled release of hemostatic particles. HaemoCer™ UA encompasses 3 unique advances, including a press-and-release locking system facilitating UA tip placement without uncontrolled discharge. Secondly the system features a tip design which minimizes tip blockage, both common difficulties with current particle delivery devices. Finally the new instrumentation is sold separately and the push-on coupling sheath will accommodate other devices allowing medical professionals and patients to immediately benefit from this new instrumentation while converting stocks to HaemoCer™."
BioCer Entwicklungs-GmbH, HaemoCer APH particles are manufactured utilizing a Polysaccharide Ultra-hydrophilic Resorbable Engineering (PURE) process.  HaemoCer™ contains no human or animal components and is developed and manufactured in Germany. For information, distribution inquiries, and licensing options, please visit or email

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