Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's Perclot AMP.......No, It's Endoclot AMP

Cryolife last month announced that finally they had some good news regarding the litigation with Medafor, and under terms of the settlement, Medafor has agreed to pay CryoLife $3.5 million in cash. However the Atlanta based CryoLife foray into the powdered Hemostat market segment may still prove "interesting". When making their arrangement with Chinese Starch Medical for rights to Perclot in all territories worldwide excluding China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, North Korea, Iran and Syria. They also included the following in the contract:

  1.5 Product Applicators, Etc. SMI agrees to promptly notify CryoLife of all improvements to applicators, tips and other accessories included within or used in connection with the Products, including all new applicators, tips and other accessories. All such improvements and any such new applicators, tips or accessories to the Products shall be included within the Products and the Parties shall adjust the catalog of Products to reflect these new products, with any transfer price to be negotiated in good faith, but based solely on costs to SMI for such improvements and/or new applicators, tips and accessories. The Parties agree that the Endoscopic applicator system used for powder delivery via gastrointestinal endoscope, as further described on Schedule 2.1 is not an improvement or new applicator and is not included in this Agreement.

2.   Distribution

    2.1  Limitations on SMI Activities. During the term of this Agreement SMI agrees (i) to sell the Products exclusively to CryoLife for use in Permitted Clinical Applications within the Territory, (ii) to refrain from selling or licensing any Products to any Existing Distributor or Third Party for sale or distribution in Permitted Clinical Applications within the Territory, (iii) to refrain from directly or indirectly marketing, promoting, or encouraging any Third Party to market, promote or Distribute the Products for any of the Permitted Clinical Applications within the Territory, (iv) to refrain from licensing or transferring any AMP™ Technology to any Third Party within the Territory for the purpose of manufacturing any Products upon terms or conditions that would enable or allow such Third Party to sell any Products for Permitted Clinical Applications within the Territory. In addition, SMI agrees that it shall refrain until January 1, 2015 from (A) directly, or indirectly selling, permitting to sell, market, promote or encouraging third parties to sell, permit to sell, market or promote any Competitive Product (defined below) for any Permitted Clinical Application within the Territory or (B) licensing or transferring to any Third Party technology that would enable or allow any Third Party to manufacture any Competitive Product within the Territory. The provisions of the foregoing sentence shall be deemed further modified so that SMI may only take the actions described therein if SMI complies with Section 1.4 (and therefore CryoLife does not match the right of first refusal set forth therein). As used herein, “Competitive Product” means any powdered absorbable surgical hemostat that is intended for or could be used for a Permitted Clinical Application. The foregoing limitations do not apply to sales by SMI of those products described on Schedule 2.1.

Read the full document HERE

Now Cryolife and their partners face the interesting prospect of Chinese made Perclot AMP particles meeting them in the EU re-branded as "Endoclot".  

As can be seen HERE the original Chinese Xijing Hospital trial changes for the use of AMP show the changes from perclot to "endoclot", but the endoclot webpage discusses AMP particles....see HERE

The CRY Q2 Earnings Conference Call is scheduled for 7/31/2012. 
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