Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Curasan Ag To Invest Approximately 1 Million Euros In Future Growth

Oct 12, 2009 – Kleinostheim, Germany – curasan AG, which is listed on the General Standard of the German Stock Exchange (ISIN: DE 000 549 453 8), is to invest in its future growth by implementing a technological investment programme amounting to approximately 1 million euros, despite the current crisis in the financial markets.
The aim of the investment package is to significantly strengthen and expand the company’s research, development and production capacities and to integrate modern technologies. Part of this strategy will involve relocating the Frankfurt production and development centre to larger premises in the immediate vicinity of the current location. The relocation will take place step by step and is scheduled to be completed by mid-2010.
“We have a wide range of products that will be ready for market launch in the near future and this investment is therefore necessary in order to be able to provide sufficient supplies to future sales partners”, explains Hans Dieter Rössler, Chairman of the Management Board.
Two of the new products will be ready for the market later this year: towards the end of 2009, curasan AG will enter into negotiations regarding the award of a sales licence for a product that helps to retrieve autologous (patient’s own) growth factors (ATR®). A further product, Osbone®, will be ready for licensing this year. This is a synthetically manufactured, non-resorbant bone replacement material.
The development of a paste version of Cerasorb® could also be pushed forwards during 2009. For physicians, this pharmaceutical form is easier to handle than granulates when used in places that are difficult to access (“bone out of a syringe”). The production of pilot batches, as well as the creation of all the documentation required for approval, is planned for 2010.
The focus of curasan AG medical products currently on the market is the area of biomaterials. This includes products for bone replacement (Cerasorb®), osteoarthritis (Curavisc®) and haemostasis (stypro®). In the pharmaceutical sector, curasan AG supplies a medication for the treatment of superficial bladder carcinomas (Mitem®), which is marketed and sold by Schwarz Pharma AG / UCB-Group.
“We are forecasting continued growth in the future”, states Hans Dieter Rössler, Chairman of the curasan AG Management Board.

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