Wednesday, October 14, 2009

J 'n J Q3 - Edited

Ethicon worldwide sales grew operationally by 9.4% with US up 18% and sales outside the US up 3.8% operationally. The acquisitions of Mentor and Omrix partially offset by the divestiture of the professional wound care business added approximately 3.5 points to the worldwide operational growth. Sales for our newly acquired aesthetics products for Mentor were in line with 2008. On a worldwide basis double digit operational growth was achieved in biosurgicals and meshes.
Johnson & Johnson leads the industry in developing and next generation of advanced hemostats to address the persistent clinical problems associated with bleeding in surgical settings. A truly unique example of convergence three Johnson & Johnson companies; Ethicon, [Senacore], and the recently acquired Omrix Biopharmaceuticals have been working together to develop one such hemostat that we call the Fibrin pad.
With our heman plasma based biologics embedded directly into proprietary matrix the fibrin pad has the potential to uniquely and effectively dress bleeding challenges that are currently unmet by traditional hemostats. It’s designed to combine the functions of mechanical sealing and biological hemostatis. Upon contact with blood the biodegradable device causes a clot to form rapidly and stop bleeding without any other action. A BLA for the fibron pad is targeted for submission by the end of 2009.

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