Saturday, July 30, 2011

BioCer Release Test Data on "PURE"-ity of Latest Hemostat Innovation HaemoCer Vs. Perclot

A year ago Cryolife CEO Steve Anderson was embroiled in the meltdown of the CRY/Medafor relationship as the distribution agreement for first generation polysaccharide hemostat Arista came to a very bitter and public disintergration.......more HERE. Following this debacle CRY have entered into an agreement with merchant Starch Medical a San Diego based company with manufacturing facilities for Perclot (generation 2 of the polysaccharide powders) based in Beijing, China. Our 2009 Poll indicates concern, results HERE.

Now it's Q2 one year later and newly released test reports commissioned by German based BioCer, manufacturers of HaemoCer (conducted by a third party laboratory) offer compelling information supporting the contention their PURE (Polysaccharide Ultra-Hydrophilic Resorbable Engineering) process is much more than marketing hype. The report comparing CRY's Chinese Perclot with German made HaemoCer is available HERE or by clicking the thumbnail below.

Meanwhile video of HaemoCer shows the latest polysaccharide plant based hemostats formation of a powerful adhesive gelled matrix in comparison to generation 1 product Arista by Medafor Inc.

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