Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hemophilia drug trial shows hemostasis, controlled bleeding

Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals has released data from the trial evaluating OBI-1, an intravenous (IV) recombinant porcine factor VIII product (rpFVIII) as a treatment for bleeding in people with hemophilia A with inhibitors and in people with acquired hemophilia.
The trial involved three patients who had experienced severe bleeds not controlled with by-passing agents were treated with OBI-1.
The study confirmed that OBI-1 effectively resulted in hemostasis, and controlled all non-life/non-limb threatening bleeding episodes (minor bleeds) in those patients, even in the presence of high inhibitor levels against hFVIII.
Further data on hemostatic efficacy and safety are being collected as part of the Accur8 clinical trial program, designed to study OBI-1 in acquired hemophilia.
A second study in individuals with congenital hemophilia who have developed inhibitors against FVIII is set to commence later this year.
The drug is being co-developed by Inspiration and Ipsen.

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